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who were they then?

Back in the early 90's, before the Internet was easily accessible and ordering "indie" CDs was darn-near impossible, I used to listen to a radio show on 94.5 FM KDGE called "The Adventure Club" that aired every Sunday night from 7 to 10 p.m. Now, this was back when cutie Alex Luke was the host, not those twerps Josh & Kevin. (Just kidding, Josh!) Anyhoo, Alex was just as crazy for Brit-Pop as I was, and he was huge on this band, Delicious Monster. Not a week would go by that he wouldn't play something by them, and it wasn't long before I was obsessed. Although, being a 16-year-old in Texas before the advent of AOL or what-have-you, I knew nothing about the band. But they had a sound sort-of akin to Throwing Muses or maybe the Cranberries if they were from England, or something. NME was crazy about 'em, Melody Maker made "Power Missy" their single-of-the-week, and bands like the Boo Radleys and Suede were naming Delicious Monster as one of their fave up-and-coming bands.

The only place in the D/FW area that I could find their full-length album, Joie de Vivre, was Bill's Records and Tapes (who have probably changed their name by now, geez louise...), a notoriously expensive and ridiculous music store that I could tell you stories about, but I won't right now. This left me with nothing but sad radio-dubs on cheap 3-for-$1 cassettes that I actually still have! But, anyway, amazingly, over the past few years, I've been finding their import singles one-by-one in used CD stores! And I eventually found their full-length CD, too! And then, Mike's recent CD Odyssey left us wondering, where are they... (Oh, you know...)

and where are they now?

So, here's what happened: Joie de Vivre was a big smash in the UK. It's time to write the new album. Lead vocalist Rachel Mayfield takes a vacation to Amsterdam to write...and doesn't come back 'til two years later!!! She's dropped the Delicious Monsters and now records solo under her own name. Apparently, her new sound is very "jazz/rockabilly/lounge", whatever that means. No idea where her other bandmates are though.

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Rachel Mayfield's Official Site Not too surprisingly, where I got all this info from! (Does anyone else find it sad that she has a Geocities site? Or that she quotes Courtney Love?)