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target's new clothing line totally hits the spot!
written by janice • 2001

"Style is about personality, not a price tag."
- Mossimo Giannulli

Right on, Mossy! I'm just crazy about the new line of Mossimo fashions which are being carried by one of my favorite stores, Target. Because, as I've said before, I'm just a poor kid trying to get by! But that doesn't mean I don't wanna look cute. And Target has always been a favorite place for style at great prices. I have this incredible Merona Pink Paisley tie-back Silk halter top that everyone mistakes for BCBG! Yeah, right, like I would shell out $100+ for a skimpy top from BCBG...my Target top only cost $17.99!

But anyway, you may have seen the commercials on TV or even noticed Mossimo's brightly colored clothes as you entered the Target to head for the toilet paper aisle. You may have even asked yourself, "Who is this guy? What's this all about?"

Mossimo Giannulli was only in his early-twenties when he decided he wanted to create a line of easy, casual California-inspired clothing. According to the Target website, he started a small clothing company on Balboa Island in Newport Beach, California and by marketing only to surf shops, Mossimo, Inc. grossed $1 million in its first year. The collection grew to a multi-million dollar business and Mossimo became the youngest CEO ever to head a New York Stock Exchange company. Sickening, isn't it? ; )

And now he's bringing his carefree surfer style exclusively to Target! As he states on the Target website, "I've always been a fan of Target. I've been to the stores and know what Target is doing which is really exciting and I thought we could add a lot to the mix. That's how it all started. Then as we became involved and realized what we could do in terms of product and price for so many people, it became really exciting. We represent the young consumer. And, people are really into the fact that they can have a great fashion and a value and the whole experience. It's exciting from my aspect in that we get to do some pretty neat things and Mossimo can be very diverse and very broad and a lot of people can afford it. It's a great opportunity for everyone."

Well, rock on! ; ) Go check it out! : )

learn more about Mossimo and his line of fashions for Target at http://www.target.com. or just visit your friendly neighborhood "Tar-zhay" instead. : )