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indie rock star wars references

compiled by mike & janice

The Coctails The adorable Chicago quartet released not one, not two, but THREE Star Wars-related songs on their Hello Recording Club ep: "Luke? Luke?", "The Hell To Pay" and "Alderaan."

Rob Crow The talented guy from Pinback and Thingy lets his geek flag fly: not only does their amp boast the Rebel Alliance symbol on it, but Rob's lyrics have heavy SW content, too. A Thingy song is titled "Semolina/Kessel Run", and the lyrics to "Revolution in a Box" go "Jedi good/Dark Side bad." He even has a song called "O.B.1" where he sings "Help me O.B. 1/ Me and the Rebel Alliance need your help/ Gotta save my home world of Alderaan." Much like Mike, Rob is a serious SW fan.

Holiday Flyer Their 1998 ep is titled "Blue Harvest". When John and Mike met for the first time, Mike asked if that title came from Return of the Jedi's fake working title. John replied, "You're the first person to ever notice that." And two SW geeks bonded.

R2D2 Is An Indie Rocker Jeffrey Czekaj started this zine because, as he put it, he noticed that most Indie Rock kids were also SW fans. It's since changed its name to "Hypertruck" and you can read more about it here.

Smog The lo-fi wizard Bill Callahan has a hysterical song: "I am Star Wars Today".

Rose Melberg Even Rose, the quintessential indie-pop princess, proclaims her geekiness in her song "The Wookie That I Loved".

Nerdy Girl One of the main people at the infamous Phantom Menace lineup at Mann's was Cecil Seaskull of Nerdy Girl. (But I guess her musical moniker kinda says it all, huh?)

Dianogah These post-rock indie instrumentalists are named after an obscure SW character. Here's a quote taken from the band's site:
1) Q: so what does "dianogah" mean?
A: okay, okay, we are geeks. the dianogah (pronounced "Dye-ah-NO-gah") is the trash-compactor monster in the movie "star wars". no, it does not have an "h" in the star wars world. we added an "h" to the end of the name because we wanted to.

While researching this random list, I found a much more thorough one with a similar theme. Rather than just repeating her points here, I'm just gonna link to her list. Enjoy!