I've always adored Bob Odenkirk, ever since his days on the short-lived The Ben Stiller Show on FOX. And since moving to Seattle and discovering the fabulous Scarecrow Video, Mike and I have been able to catch-up on his cult TV show, Mr. Show, that he did with his friend, David Cross. Not to mention, seeing them in person at the 2001 Bumbershoot festival really clenched my love for the man.

...reasons why we think Bob Odenkirk is copacetic!

• At Bumbershoot 2001, he and David blew off the main stage act (G. Love & Special Sauce) to come rock out to Guided By Voices! Right on!!!

• He and David did the funniest music video of all time: Yo La Tengo's "Sugarcube" where they play instructors of a Rock N' Roll Academy. You can watch the video online here.

• Gee, It may seem like we love Bob mostly for his indie rock leanings. But actually, while David is the more obvious of the two with his alterna-specs and Buffalo Tom t-shirt, we actually prefer Bob because he looks so innocuous. Bob Odenkirk is everywhere: standing in front of you in line at the Post Office, waiting for a bus, etc. Frankly, we think this makes him cooler than his hipster-buddy. (Not that we don't love David. We just like Bob a teensy bit more...)

• Oh, and he's a Libra, like me and Mike! (born October 22, 1962)


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