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celebrities janice would like to hug

wayne coyne of the flaming lips For the beautiful songs he wrote on "The Soft Bulletin" and because when we saw them play back in Austin, an ambulance siren could be heard in the distance. And Wayne stopped and kind-heartedly said, "I hope everything is okay..."

margaret cho For being a strong, independent Asian woman, for being so gut-wrenchingly honest about her struggles, and for being such a strong supporter for Gay Rights.

tammy faye I've wanted to give her a hug ever since we saw Eyes of Tammy Faye. Also, she was one of the first televangelists to reach out to the Gay community, all the way back in the early 80's.

moby For living such a non-rock-star life, being such a huge geek (like Mike and myself, he frequently quotes The Simpsons), and for being so open and honest about it on his website.

winona ryder I'm not saying she did it, and I'm not saying she didn't do it. But I imagine she's dealing with a lot right now and could probably use a hug.