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things that make janice cry

an on-going random list

The Osbournes The last episode they showed this week was really sad and dealt with Sharon's cancer. I feel so bad for their family, and especially for Ozzy. He and Sharon love each other so much! : ( (added 12.06.02)

seeing The Flaming Lips in concert in November 2002 Like I mention in the review, there's just something about a Lips show that makes me teary and joyful! (added 12.03.02)

the conclusion of the Thanksgiving story arc at my friend Randy's Something Positive comic Of course it has it's coarse moments (I mean, this is Something Positive, after all!), but the ending frames make me weepy! Sob! (added 12.03.02)

that stupid Harry Potter movie! I won't say what exactly made me cry because I don't want to ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but let's just say, I love sweet little helpful birdies. (added 12.03.02)

seeing Punch Drunk Love (added 11.11.02)

seeing a movie poster for Punch Drunk Love (added 11.11.02)

seeing the television commercial for Punch Drunk Love (added 11.11.02)

driving past the movie theater showing Punch Drunk Love (added 11.11.02)

watching the VH-1 special on the langley music project When Hans started crying at the end of the program, well...so did I. : ( (added 6.19.02)

finding out this morning that kristin hersh is pregnant again As I mention earlier in this list, I was very sad to learn that Kristin lost a child last year. And then I found out today that she's four-months along now with another child. (sniffle!) (added 6.19.02)

looking at my hello kitty screensaver I downloaded the cutest screensaver for my computer at work: it's a photo-realistic graphic of the moon, and then floating slowly across the screen are two cartoon Hello Kitties in astronaut suits. But then one day, while watching it, I started thinking, "Oh my god, they're all alone out there" and I started to cry for them. Then I cried again that evening, telling Mike about the two lost kitty-space-explorers. He had to console me by telling me that their spaceship was probably right out of sight on the computer screen, and their crew was watching and waiting for them. Isn't that pathetic? A Hello Kitty screensaver made me cry. (added 6.19.02)

watching 24 hour party people From the very first scene where Ian Curtis (portrayed by actor Sean Harris) sang with Joy Division, I teared up. He looked and moved so much like Ian, it made me shiver. And then the scene where he kills himself, and the funeral scenes afterwards...(*choke*sniffle*) (added 6.19.02)

listening to "uber legitimate" on the mates of state album, our constant concern I recently read that they played this song at their wedding. Reading the lyrics (even though they're characteristically odd) made me cry: "Put in your stakes and be glad that this is something static and solemnly invincible/I've waited for you". (Sob!) (added 4.5.02)

danielle howle's "about to burst" cd Reading the lyrics to "The Parlor", looking at the picture on the cover of (presumably) a baby Danielle and her Mommy, and then reading the dedication in the CD booklet to "Maria S. Howle". (added 4.5.02)

writing about danielle's cd on this list Because I am so pathetic. (added 4.5.02)

reading "my life as a ten year old boy" by nancy cartwright In case you don't know, Nancy is the voice of Bart Simpson. I cried twice: the part where her mom passes away, and then the chapter where Phil Hartman dies. It's so sad. : ( (added 3.29.02)

watching ten things i hate about you Even though I know better. Even though the movie sucked. Even though the acting blew. I still cried at two scenes: when the father tells Julia that he sent in her tuition check for college, and at the end when she reads the stupid poem she wrote about him out-loud in class and starts crying. I can't help it. I hate seeing anyone cry. (added 3.29.02)

going to powell's books in portland, or Our fabulous friends Chris & Arianne took us to this amazing bookstore in Portland on our trek to the Magic Marker Anniversary Party. Lemme tell you, this place is huge! It's like three-stories high, and each floor is a gigantic maze of bookshelves that reach far above my head. The books are organized by different categories (check out their map), and it's all so confusing. And feeling overwhelmed and confused, I got a little weepy. It's embarassing to write, but hey, I wanted this to be an honest chronicle of things that make my cry, so there you go. It actually reminded me of the time my Mom, Donna, my brother and I went to the infamous Mall of America. (you know, the nation's biggest mall?) Again, I got so flustered, so overwhelmed, I stood there crying in the food court. Pathetic! (added 3.29.02)

listening to kristin hersh This morning on my way to work, I was listening to Kristin's song "Hope" from her album, "Strange Angels". And the lyric "I saw hope in my backyard/Nobody told me this would be so hard" suddenly made me think about her very sad miscarriage last year. (I hope I'm not violating Kristin's privacy by talking about this here. Billy, her husband/manager, told all her fans about this on their website's message boards, so I hope it's okay that I'm talking about it here.) But it just made me think about how hard it must be to lose a child. So, the song made me cry. (added 3.18.02)

cricket and sparrow We were talking about kittens (congratulations, Miss Puzzles!). And I was reminded of Cricket and Sparrow, a mother/daughter kitty duo that Mike and I met during our volunteer work at the Austin Humane Society. I fell in love with these two kitties, and I swear they recognized and felt affection for me, too! I wanted to adopt them sooo badly, but we already have two kitties and all...so... (sigh...) (added 3.14.02)

big Even though this movie is utterly disgusting, I couldn't help but cry at the end when the turning-back-into-a-twelve-year-old Hanks says good-bye to his Sugar Mama, played by Perkins. No, lady, I don't think he'll ever forget you. (added 3.14.02)

"me talk pretty one day" by david sedaris Okay, not the whole book, but just one specific story: The Youth In Asia. He tells the story of the pets they've lost in his family, the passing of his mother, and a Japanese cartoon. Damn you, Sedaris. Damn you. (added 3.14.02)

a skin too few: the days of nick drake Not just seeing this documentary, but then writing about it later. And then telling Jeremy about it after that. And, well, writing about it here...

those mint royale videos I don't know why, but something about the cute little creature in the "Show Me" video makes me sad. He's just so happy and carefree, soaring through this wondrous universe, and then he gets swallowed by a flower. And then the mod little pixie from the "Don't Falter" video: when she jumps into the water and the water starts to change colors? Gets me every time.