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ask janice

Welcome to our advice column for fashion, vintage and contemporary! If you've got a question for us, just visit our contact page!

have any ideas on how to get rid of armpit stains on vintage clothing?
what causes pills on sweaters, and how the heck do i get rid of 'em?

have any ideas on how to get rid of armpit stains on vintage clothing?
Why, yes! Yes, I do! Since the fabric of vintage clothing is older, I don't recommend using lots of chemicals on them. It could really weaken the fibers! So, here are some fun chemical-free suggestions, but please, please, please use them at your own risk. I can't be responsible for what happens to your clothes when you wash them. I can only offer my advice! ; ) • When you're doing a load of laundry, add a cup of White Vinegar along with the soap. Women have been doing this since the 1950's! • Try some dishwashing liquid! Some people just rub the yellowed parts of their clothes with Palmolive or what-have-you, let it sit for an hour, then throw it in the wash as usual. My only guess as to why this is so effective is that Palmolive "cuts through grease" (heh!) and I guess human sweat is made of body oil or something.

Sadly, time and heat can make some stains permanent, which doesn't bode well for our vintage treasures! But, you know, Polyester is really amazing! I've had a really high success rate at getting out those 30-40 year stains. Good luck!!!

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what causes pills on sweaters, and how the heck do i get rid of 'em?
Yeah, aren't those annoying?!?! Pilling occurs when short fibers are pulled to the surface by friction, like when your move your arm along the side of your sweater. Once rubbed to the surface, these fibers create pills. The worst pilling happens with short, strong fibers like spun silk, polyester, nylon and rayon. They're kinda unavoidable, unless you want to treat your fave sweater with kid gloves and walk around with your arms straight out! ; ) You can remove the pills with a battery-operated Fuzzbuster, which I think is a must-have for any vintage clothing fan! I've had the same one since Junior High, and it still works just dandy! Whatever you do though, don't pull off the pills! That'll just strain the fibers of your sweater even more! (Are you hearing this, Mike?! Hee hee hee...)