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cynthia rowley helps make target swell!
written by janice • 2003

Okay, okay! So, one of my last articles for copacetic was about Target, too. Can I help it if they have the coolest stuff at the best prices? Can I help it if they score the most stylish designers? Since Mossimo joined the company a few years ago, more designers have come aboard, including Todd Oldham, Marc Ecko, Stephen Sprouse and Philippe Starck, to name a few. Now, they've landed a deal with one of my utmost fave designers, Cynthia Rowley, who with the help of her pal Ilene Rosenzweig, bring the SWELL line to Target.

The Swell line contains everything from bedding to photo albums to pajama sets, all in Rowley's signature girly, retro-influenced style. And, since it's Target, everything is ridiculously cheap, cheap, cheap! We scored the plate set you see on this page. The TV tray is an affordable $14.99. How else can you afford something from Cynthia Rowley, whose stuff is usually carried in pricey boutiques or major department stores like Barney's?

What's next for Cynthia? Well, she's continuing her world domination to make stuff swell: aside from her series of Swell books, Imagine Entertainment is working on a TV show to air fall 2003! WOW! Now, how swell is that?!

you can find Swell products by logging on to Target at http://www.target.com. or just visit your friendly neighborhood store instead.