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neon golden • domino • 2003

Chris and I were shopping at my beloved Sonic Boom Records and this was playing on the store speakers. On the moody opening track, "One Step Inside Doesn't Mean You Understand", at first, we thought it was the new Hood. And then when the second song "Pilot" started up, one listen at the almost dance-y beats, and we were both like, "Okay, no way this is Hood!"

And then it hit me! This was the new Notwist they were playing! A friend-of-copacetic had recently recommended them to me, and Mike heard "Pilot" on KEXP recently and was also impressed. So, of course, I bought it on the spot! :)

It's hard to pinpoint what this sounds like. It reminds me of a lot of different bands: Hood, The Sea & Cake, Radiohead, early New Order...and of course, none of those bands sound like the other!!! But it kinda has an...earthy electronica sound to it. There are synthesizers in there, but then there's the title track, which is stripped down and acoustic, and there are banjos, and horns, and piano. The songs have a plaintive mood to them, accentuated by Markus Acher's quiet, gentle vocals. Much like the stark CD cover, their songs are simple, straightforward, intriguing. I'm just in awe of these guys, 'cause apparently this is their fifth or sixth album, and I'm just now finding out about them?! I've got some serious catching up to do...!!! (janice.05.03)


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