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marc with a c
this world is scary as f--k • self-released • 2005

Marc "with a C" Sidoreus is a pop singer-songwriter from Florida. He does everything himself, and he's a skillful musician, composer, and arranger. This disc, his self-released third album, is an odd blend of pouring-his-heart-out intimacy and sardonic, sometimes self-lacerating humor. Listening is not unlike reading someone's personal blog, and Marc even makes lyrical reference to Livejournal in the song "I Will Keep You." It's a formula that could easily be barf-inducing, but Marc's sincere conviction and knack for catchy pop songwriting makes it work. "When My Ship Comes In" is a song for all the TV-watching slackers with dreams out there, with its Simpsons and Aqua Teen references. Marc makes very clever use of the standard pop "ba-da-da" in "Bite Size Help," using them to indicate inarticulateness. "'Til You Come Home to Me" has a pretty, folky picked-acoustic intro and nice vocal harmonies. "This Is Hopeless" is an excellent pop ballad, and "God Save the Queen from Navy Seals" is a successful venture into psychedelic pop with lightly surreal lyrics. "Music Geek" is, I'm guessing, humorously autobiographical, telling how Marc turned to music because "it never stole a Big Wheel from me," and positing "who needs human contact when you can hear people sing about it?" The disc does have a few clunker moments — "One Hit Wonder" is, frankly, a little dorky — but Marc is the kind of singer who can sell a doofy line like "You've got curves and I like your shape / there's no way you're descended from apes," from "Stuck with Me." I'm guessing you'd be hard pressed to find songs which are closer to their creator's heart than these. (mike.08.06)


three stars

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