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keith john adams
pip • happy happy birthday to me records • 2005

Whoa, I don't think I've ever heard anyone rock out on a toy piano the way Keith John Adams does on this new CD!

I've actually never heard of this gentleman before. Apparently, back in his home of the UK, he used to be in a band called The Horse Doctors, and then in a band called Zuno Men? Admittedly, neither names ring a bell, even though BBC's Radio One named Zuno Men's track "Stay In With Me" as their Single Of The Week back in the late 90's!

But, it's a new millenium, and Keith has been recording on his own doing bedroom-pop (or as the Brits would call it, flat-pop?) ever since! His debut album Sunshine Loft came out in 2002, and since then, there have been a couple of EP's between then and now, with his latest full-length Pip. Though I haven't heard his first CD, I can say that the production quality on Pip doesn't sound like it was recorded in someone's flat! It sounds really great!

Keith definitely reminds me of Robyn Hitchcock with his punchy pop songs and his quirky delivery. And lyrically, he's just fantastic! I'm thankful he reprints his lyrics inside the CD booklet, because sometimes with his speedy delivery and thick accent, you can't quite make out all the words, and he's really a gifted wordsmith! The song that especially grabbed me was "Dad" where he sings "When you lost a wife / I lost a mother / But she's kinda there / When we're with each other"...I mean, how sweet and lovely is that???

This whole CD is really just so great. I love his unusual singing voice, I love his touching lyrics, I love his excellent musicianship and songwriting...I recommend this CD highly! (janice.12.05)


four stars

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