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the electric grandmother
sin city sex mix • freezerburn records • 2004

I will let The Electric Grandmother introduce himself in his own words:

"This is The Electric Grandmother from Columbus, Ohio. I do synth-pop/punk tunes, and it goes by the handle of "SITCOM-CORE," because I often write songs about 80's and early 90's TV. Sorry if my handwriting is shaky, I just had coffee. –[heart], EG"
And that pretty much covers it. What possesses a young man with a Dead Kennedys emblem on his leather jacket to sit at home with some cheap keyboards and a borrowed 4-track and record dozens and dozens of odd little ditties like this? (He has released 4 discs, each with from 25-34 tracks, since 2003.) It doesn't quite seem pathological, like with Daniel Johnston, he's not a raving-derelict type like Butch Willis, and it doesn't seem to be a deliberate kind of anti-rock like with Half Japanese. He seems to be a genuine eccentric but not quite an outsider, and at least somewhat aware of his own absurdity; the closest comparison I can think of is Jonny Cohen. I'm also reminded (for the first time in years) of Ed "Moose" Savage, who cut a few tracks of gutbucket weirdo rants back in the early 90s. There's not a rating on this review, because the real value of this disc is not contained in the relative quality of the music; the disc's value is as a document of a fascinating personality. (mike.09.05)

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