Meow Mix #4: 7/4/2019

For Independence Day, I did a spotlight on my favorite independent record labels: Slumberland, Teen-Beat, K, and Merge Records. I wanted to feature more, but I ran out of time.

Artist Song Album Label Year
Galaxie 500 Fourth of July This Is Our Music Rough Trade 1990
  ~ B R E A K ~      
Velocity Girl Clock What Kind of Heaven Do You Want? Slumberland 1989
Velocity Girl My Forgotten Favorite 6 Song Compilation Slumberland 1992
Black Tambourine For Ex-Lovers Only Black Tambourine Slumberland 2010
Lilys February Fourteenth In The Presence of Nothing Slumberland 1991
Pants Yell! Got to Stop Received Pronunciation Slumberland 2009
Crystal Stilts Shake the Shackles In Love With Oblivion Slumberland 2011
Summer Cats Let’s Go Songs For Tuesdays Slumberland 2009
Veronica Falls Right Side of My Brain Veronica Falls Slumberland 2011
Proper Ornaments Cremated (Blown Away) Foxhole Slumberland 2017
The Papercuts Blues Run the Game [Jackson C Frank cover] Kathleen Says 7″ Single Slumberland 2019
Smokescreens The Lost Song Used To Yesterday Slumberland 2018
Jeanines Enough Jeanines Slumberland  
  ~ B R E A K ~      
Beat Happening Our Secret Beat Happening K Records 1985
Heavenly C is the Heavenly Option Le Jardin De Heavenly K Records 1992
Lois Valentine Butterfly Kiss K Records 1992
Tiger Trap Supreme Nothing Tiger Trap K Records 1993
The Softies Tracks & Tunnels Winter Pageant K Records 1996
Mirah The Light C’mon Miracle K Records 2004
Wallpaper Nod Off On The Chewing Gum Ground K Records 2008
LAKE Roger Miller Giving & Receiving K Records 2011
Karl Blau Mockingbird Diet Nature’s Got Away K Records 2008
Kimya Dawson I Like Giants Remember That I Love You K Records 2006
  ~ B R E A K ~      
Unrest Make Out Club Perfect Teeth Teen-Beat Records 1993
Air Miami World Cup Fever (Mac McCaughan Remix) World Cup Fever EP Teen-Beat Records 1998
Blast Off Country Style Barf City USA C’mon And Blast Off Country Style Teen-Beat Records 1994
Tuscadero Nancy Drew (7″ version) Mt. Pleasant / Nancy Drew Teen-Beat Records 1994
Vomit Launch Hallways Not Even Pretty Teen-Beat Records 1987
Versus Blade of Grass The Stars Are Insane Teen-Beat Records 1994
  ~ B R E A K ~      
Ladybug Transistor Light on the Narrow Gauge Clutching Stems Merge Records 2011
Magnetic Fields Strange Powers Holiday Merge Records 1994
Hospitality Eighth Avenue Hospitality Merge Records 2012
Lambchop Hey Where’s Your Girl Thriller Merge Records 1997
The Clean Tally Ho Anthology Merge Records 1981

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