happy new year and stuff:

1 Jan

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to try and write here more often, so here we go:

• Someone on Twitter pointed out that Copacetic, Velocity Girl‘s debut album (and the namesake of my zine), turns 20 this year. To celebrate, I’ll be spotlighting a different song from that album every month, starting with the album’s opening track:

• This evening, I had a weird desire to listen to the 1990 Echo & the Bunnymen album Reverberation, which doesn’t feature Ian McCulloch on vocals. I had the cassette as a pre-teen, and liked it, despite Ian’s absence. Re-listening to it tonight, it’s pretty weird:

nice stuff about today:
• New Year’s Day brunch with Mike at the Wayward Cafe, and being Table #13 on ’13.

• Finding this awesome Solex cover of “The Cutter” when I fell into my Echo-and-the-Bunnymen-YouTube-wormhole.

• The latest comic from Gabrielle Bell.

• Watching Richard Ayoade hosting “Never Mind the Buzzcocks” with Noel Fielding, thanks to Heather!

• Realizing there is something fun happening every weekend this month.

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