concert review: jennifer o’connor & chris brokaw


concert #1:
jennifer o’connor & chris brokaw
the crocodile, seattle, wa
monday, january 7th

My first show of 2013 was also my first time to see Jennifer O’Connor play ever! And, good grief, it was just awesome. I don’t know how she managed to wake up early, fly cross-country, and still sound so crisp, and lovely, and perfect late that night.

Chris Brokaw opened the show, and he was also awesome. And he mentioned that the first Come album is going to be reissued this year!

chris brokaw

concert #2:
jennifer o’connor, chris brokaw, kimya dawson
timberland library, olympia, wa
tuesday, january 8th

The next day at work, I was kinda tired, but I also had Jennifer’s songs running through my head. As it got closer to quittin’-time, I kept checking a traffic app on my iPhone, thinking, “Should I? Should I?” Yes, I should, and did. I left right after work and headed to Olympia to see Jennifer and Chris play again!

I couldn’t resist the location either: they were scheduled to play at a library! Books and music? How could I not go? I got there a little late, and Chris was already playing, so I quietly stepped to the back, lurking by the “holds” section. Little did I realize, sitting right in front of me was none other than Lois, my hero!

lois and jennifer

Here’s Jennifer, and the back of Lois’ head. By the end of Chris’ set, a leak had started dripping into a bucket, adding a charming Northwesterly percussion to Jennifer’s set.

I was so glad I made the effort to catch both shows, because they were so very different, from song selection to even instrumentation, with Chris playing acoustic instead of electric.

I was sad to leave before Kimya’s set began, but it was getting late, and I knew I had a 60-90 minute drive ahead of me. I’ll see her again sometime soon! Thank you to Jennifer for being so sweet and for playing my request!

Anyway, Jennifer and Chris’ tour continues down the West Coast, and I highly encourage you to catch them! Jennifer has a fear of flying, and it’s been four years since she’s made it over here. Don’t let another four years pass without seeing her — getting to hear her voice in person is the dreamiest.

• Wed Jan 16 Sacramento, CA Naked Coffee
• Thu Jan 17 Anderson, CA Woodside Grill
• Fri Jan 18 Red Bluff, CA Red Bluff Art Gallery
• Sat Jan 19 Eugene, OR Sam Bond’s Garage
• Sun Jan 20 Portland, OR Mississippi Studios

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